Our Homeowners and Auto insurance recently came up for renewal and had significantly increased steadily over the past few years. I felt like after having been with the same carrier for eight (8) years it was time to check their pricing. I received a well-timed mailing from Select Insurance Services and because they handle many different carriers, decided to have them do the research for me. They took my information and quoted my coverages through all of their carriers simultaneously, and was I surprised! I was able to reduce my annual insurance premium by almost $500.00 with identical coverage on my Auto’s and even better coverage on my Home.

One very appealing aspect is the fact that every year upon renewal, they will run our information back through all of their carriers to verify the best rate available.

I would strongly urge anyone wanting to shop premiums or change carriers because of premium increases to give Select Insurance Services a call. The agent was very informative and extremely professional in his approach to our coverage needs. Very good experience!

—Joseph & Elizabeth M., Denver, Colorado

We received a mailing from Select Insurance Services with an estimated Homeowners policy premium. Although I usually do not respond to this type of solicitation, I decided we had nothing to lose and it cost nothing to check premium pricing with other carriers. The fact that this agency writes insurance for many readily known carriers gave me the extra incentive to initiate a response.

I was pleasantly impressed with the gentleman I spoke to, he very knowledgeable of Homeowners coverage for our area and even made a couple of recommendations that were not part of our current policy. He completed our quote and got back to me in about three (3) hours and outlined the coverage for our Home AND our three (3) cars. Our savings was actually $392.00 with significantly better coverages than our current carrier provided.

It was actually an informative experience as they did all of the “research” for me and assured me that they will do this every year to make sure we have the best premium rates available in our area. I would absolutely recommend that you give them a call also, nice folks!

—William & Roca D., Littleton, Colorado

We received a mailing from Select Insurance Services about two weeks prior to our current Homeowners policy renewal. I wasn’t unhappy with our current insurance company, but if I can save money, stay with a respected carrier and speak to my agent directly on occasion, I figured why not!

I called and spoke to an agent (now our agent) directly, gave him my current policy information on BOTH Homeowners and Auto and he went to work. He did tell me that they would run the information through about seven (7) different carriers to find the best premium rate available. An added degree of comfort was that all of the carriers quoted were going to be A+ rated or better.

The quotes came back and between our Home & Auto coverages, we were able to save $481.00 a year with better coverage on our Home and identical coverages on our two (2) cars. We changed and the transition was “painless”. They contacted our mortgage company and forwarded all of our new information to them and helped with the cancellation of our current Auto coverage.

It is also nice to know that they will re-run new quotes every year upon renewal, to make sure that our coverages remain with the best carrier at the best rate…very unique.

Simple and easy, we would highly recommend Select Insurance Services!

—Douglass & Melissa W., Colorado Springs, Colorado

Select Insurance Services became our Insurance Agency almost three (3) years ago. I like the fact that they write for many carriers and review our premiums annually upon renewal to make sure we have the best rate(s).

—Debra J., Castle Rock, Colorado

The agent actually came to our home and explained the coverage(s) to us. This certainly made us feel even more comfortable about changing from our previous carrier whom we had been with for over twenty-five (25) years. We saved money and learned more about our insurance coverage in fifteen (15) minutes than our previous agent ever explained. It was a great move for us, we highly recommend their agency.

—Mr & Mrs. P. Jackson, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Select Insurance Services goes the “extra mile” to assist their customers. We had purchased a new car on a week-end and had forgotten about getting insurance coverage set up. I called their office on a Saturday and got a return phone call in about twenty (20) minutes. The agent was able to initiate coverage on the new car and even sent new ID cards to the dealership. This type of service is not something you see every day, we are very pleased with their pricing and service, highly recommended!

—Rick & Janis G., Monument, Colorado

We have our primary Home, Lake House, Autos, Boat and ATV’s insured through Select Insurance Services. We were shown the various coverages available through the different carriers and were able to “bundle” all of our policies through one (1) carrier and receive the maximum discounts available. It is truly refreshing to find an agency that knows their business, is professional and is “in touch” with market pricing.

—James & Mary S., Alpharetta, Georgia

My wife and I had been with the same insurance company for over thirty (30) years, you probably know the one I am referring to. After multiple rate increases, we were finally “forced” to shop for another carrier and change is not something we look forward to at our age. The agent with Select Insurance Services understood this and handled this transition with expertise. By comparing rates and coverages for us through many carriers, we were able to select the best carrier for our needs and move forward without any reservation. Actually, a wonderful experience…and we saved a substantial amount! Excellent…recommended.

—Bob & Hope A., Atlanta, Georgia

My wife and I have two college students enrolled, so every dollar counts in our household! Our Homeowners and Auto rates had continued to spiral upwards for no reason really; we have never filed a claim! We received a direct mail piece from Select Insurance Services and contacted them, was I ever surprised. They quoted rates for our Home and four (4) cars and we could not believe the difference in rates from our previous carrier, it almost sounded too good to be true! I have since referred probably six (6) or seven (7) friends to them, each one of them were also able to save a substantial amount of money. The agent mentioned that because they write for many carriers they can locate the best coverage for the money! Call them, great group of people!

—Mark & Jessica A., Duluth, Georgia

We had received a mailer from Select Insurance Services with a much lower Homeowners rates than we were currently paying. My wife and I had never “shopped” for insurance and didn’t really know if our rate was good or bad, but figured this was worth a phone call. We were quoted a “bundled” rate (home and car together) that was almost $400.00 less on our Home and about $600.00 less on our Autos…..better coverage on the house and exact coverage on the cars! This sounded too good to be true, so I had the documents e.mailed to me and went through the coverages line for line, unbelievable. We signed up immediately, and the agent made the transition painless. A++ rated carrier and we saved just over $1000.00 per year…highly recommended, make the call!

—Jose & Marrissa R., Marietta, Georgia

Shopping for Home and Auto Insurance every year did not seem like it would be a lot of fun and could be very time consuming. We received a mail piece from Select Insurance Services (as we had a few others) with a proposed Homeowners rate that was about $350.00 less than our current premium. I had never responded to one of these mailers, but the fact that this agency wrote business through multiple carriers made it the most attractive. My thinking was I could get quotes on five (5) or six (6) carriers at the same time, compare coverages and rates, then make a decision of whether it was worthwhile to change. We changed, and we saved about $600.00 on our Home and Auto rates combined. Better than that, the agent assured me that they will run our coverages back through the carriers again upon renewal next year to make sure this particular carriers rates are the best available…they do my shopping for me! I’m glad I called!

—Rick & Samantha W., Allen, Texas

We have had our Homeowners and Automobile policies through Select Insurance Services for almost four (4) years. During this time, our family has traded multiple cars, sold our current house and purchased another. Every time we have needed changes made their service has been outstanding. We have even needed to contact them on week-ends or after hours because of our work schedules and have never been treated with anything but respect and courtesy. When our house sold, they worked directly with our new lender and had all the coverages in place before our closing date. We most definitely recommend them each chance we get! Very nice people…

—Matthew & Rene F., Richardson, Texas

My husband and I were referred to Select Insurance Services through my parents, who have had their insurance through them for over three (3) years. We were about to purchase our first house and really did not have any idea how to obtain Homeowners insurance coverage, we were a little overwhelmed. We called my parent’s agent (his name is Don), he offered to meet directly with us on a Saturday morning and get all the information on the house we were purchasing. He made the suggestion that we combine our Auto and Home policies through the same carrier to get the maximum discounts (almost 20%), something we would have never thought to do. Not only did he make sure our Home and Auto policies very affordable, he worked directly with our mortgage company to make sure the coverages and the policy pricing were where they needed to be. Our mortgage banker was even impressed with his efforts. Unfortunately this is not the type of service many companies practice today….Select Insurance Services has gained our business for life! Great insurance agency!

—Kyle & Shari S., Plano, Texas

After the loss of my husband, I needless to say had to make a few adjustments. I knew I was going to have to make some changes to my financial budget without his income, but I really didn’t know where to start. A major expense as I’m sure it is for many people are Homeowners and Auto insurance. When our Homeowners and Auto policy renewals notice came in the mail, this gave me a chance to do some price comparisons. Coincidentally about the same time, I had received a mailing from Select Insurance Services with a Homeowners premium estimate that was substantially less than what our current renewal was with very similar coverage’s. I called and spoke to a gentleman (Don) who offered to run quote(s) (Home & Auto) for me He stated that he would run the quote(s) through many carriers to make sure we had the best premium rate. He called me back the same day, and the difference in rates was significant to say the least. I was still leery, but the more we talked the more comfortable I became. Don offered to come to my house and explain the coverage(s) to me personally, which I thought was considerate and certainly made me feel more comfortable. I had never met our current agent and he had certainly never even seen our house. In short, I changed companies and went with an excellent “A-rated” company that Select Insurance Services represented. What a difference personal service makes, it certainly gave me a sense of security and a few much needed dollars to my bank account…Thank You Don!

—Leigh W., New Braunfels, Texas

My Homeowners policy was up for renewal and I had planned on shopping for a better rate, but time had gotten the best of me. My current carrier’s rate has been going up every year by no fault of mine; I have never filed a claim! I had received a “well timed” mailing from Select Insurance Services offering a preliminary Homeowners quote, which substantially less than my current rate. What the heck, I called and spoke to a gentleman named Don. He offered to run multiple quotes through multiple carriers; he even ran quotes on my cars too. He was essentially going to do the leg work for me! I expected the actual rate to me a lot more than the estimate on the mailer; to my surprise they were almost identical. I wanted to make the switch, but was concerned because my renewal date was only two (2) days away on my current policy. No sweat, Don initiated coverage on the new Homeowners policy on my current renewal date, contacted my mortgage company and gave me temporary ID cards for my Auto(s) in about two (2) hours. I have never seen this type of service from an insurance agent, and done in such a way that made me completely comfortable and confident in my decision…what a relief. You have my business!

—Jacob P., Austin, Texas

Our family has had our Home, Auto and Boat insurance through Select Insurance Services for just over four (4) years. During that time we have purchased different cars and even purchased another home after our two (2) daughters went away to college. Each time we have needed to make a change to any of our Home & Auto policies, it was completed with a single phone call and made immediately after we made any request. When our daughters went away to school, they needed to provide Renters insurance coverage to the apartment complex, I made one phone call to our agent and the policy coverage was completed the same day and they even called the apartment complex to secure everything. I know this is the type of service that “should” be provided to a customer, but many companies simply don’t get the concept of customer service in today’s environment. I would strongly urge you to give these guys a try, we have been exceptionally pleased with every aspect of their agency operations and the coverages provided through them.

—Ricardo & Elizabeth S., Dallas, Texas

I have always believed that the quality of service and the strength of an insurance company is based upon how they respond to a claim, which IS the reason that we all purchase insurance. You never know when you will have to use the insurance, but you sure better have it when you need it! My wife and I had never filed a claim with ANY insurance carrier in over twenty-five (years) for ANY reason. Wouldn’t you know that about three (3) months after changing insurance carriers and agencies we “needed” our insurance! We had an issue with a toilet literally “flooding” our living room while away for the evening; we panicked as most people would when we came home at about 11:00 pm and discovered the damage. About 11:45 pm, not knowing what else to do, I called our agent and left a message and waited for a return call. Not knowing if I was going to hear from (Don) this late at night or in the morning, I was very happy to get a call back in about ten (10) minutes. He gave me assurances everything would be handled quickly and that we had coverages for such damages. He also offered to have us stay in a hotel (and made the reservations for us) for the evening. The next morning he helped file our claim and we had an adjuster at our house the same day, repair work started two (2) days after the “mishap”. Having never filed a claim, I don’t know if this is the “norm” or not. If this is in-fact how you judge the quality of your agent or your insurance company, give these guys an A+++. Thanks for making a very bad and stressful situation very tolerable. I hope we don’t need you again, but if we do I at least know what to expect!

—Richard & Marilyn R., Dallas, Texas

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